Immortal Stack - 12 Week Bundle (2 Raptor, 2 Phoenix, Limits, Balance)

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MegaStack: Anti-Estrogen Required

Immortal Stack- 12 Week Bundle 

2 Raptor, 2 Phoenix, Limits, Balance 

Months 1 & 2: Raptor & Phoenix

Month 3: Limits & Balance


All New Product!


Cardarine 30mg/ML

Ostarine 30mg/ML

SR-9009 30mg/ML


GW 501516, first created by Glaxo Smith Kline is a different type of SARM in that it

Binds to the PPAR receptor. This in turn increases the genes involved in energy expenditure. Cardarine essentially mimics the process of exercise. Cardarine also helps incease fatty acid metabolism and has been known to help with obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Endurance is also greatly increased with Cardarine and striations are seen more rapidly as well.


Ostarine aka MK-2866 is a well known SARM created to treat muscle wasting. Originally developed by GTx, Ostarine essentially can help user keep their gains and increase said gains. Ostarine users can also expect a positive effect on joints and bones and a welcomed boost in nitrogen retention. Ostarine is also used as a TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) Ostarine is also being researched for use in Cancer and AIDS patients. Ostarine is considered by many to be the go to SARM and or the best choice for those new to SARMs.


Stenabolic while being associated with SARMs- Stenabolic aka SR9009 is actually a Rev-ErbA ligand. This means that Stenabolic binds to proteins and makes them more active. Stenabolic is known to dramatically increase endurance and aide the user in fat loss. It can also affect glucose and lipid metabolism and circadian rhythms. Stenabolic is also being researched for assisting with type 2 diabetes and sarcopenia- strength and muscle loss due to aging.

Phoenix SARM Stack

All New Product! 

Muscle Harderner 


YK-11 10mg/ML

S4 100mg/ML


SARM YK11 was first studied by Yuchiro Kanno in 2011. Not only for muscle gains, YK11 also aided in body hair growth but with no effect on the prostate. YK-11 essentially induces muscles cells which causes said cells to make more follistatin. So, YK-11 can be considered a myostatin inhibitor. This is key as myostatins are considered limiters of muscle growth and gains.


Andarine, aka the SARM known as S4 is known to sustain lean muscle mass (aka gains) while simultaneously encouraging fat loss. This SARM attaches to the androgen receptor and each time it interacts with testosterone it produces genes exclusive to bone and muscle growth. Andarine differs from it’s peers as it creates selective activity of the anabolic type. Andarine is also said to have 33% of the strength of testosterone.


Breakthrough LIMITS, the market’s most legitimate natural test booster gets even better

A natural test booster like no other – premium ingredients, doses, and absorbability

Breakthrough LIMITS was originally designed as an all-in-one natural test booster that contains the markets hottest and most effective naturally-derived ingredients to increase test levels naturally. To be honest, most natural test boosters are overhyped and are a combination of libido and nitric oxide boosting vitamins and herbs. You may get a short-term boost of energy, pump, and sex drive off those products, but there’s a profound difference between that type of product and Breakthrough LIMITS.

Breakthrough LIMITS was inspired by combining 4 natural test-boosting supplements into one product and was released on April 1, 2017. Ever since, it has been a staple in the supplement routine of hundreds of customers. This is a natural test booster that you very likely will see and feel the difference within the first 2 weeks. It’s most commonly run for 2-3 months, with a month break after 3 consecutive months of taking LIMITS. A PCT is not needed after taking LIMITS.

It does not just raise test levels for short bursts of time. Rather, it frees and raises your natural testosterone levels over sustained periods of time, during the use of the product. That has even been proven by many Breakthrough LIMITS customers who tested their hormone levels through a series of blood work tests, and most reported seeing a 100-250-point increase in their total testosterone levels while taking LIMITS. That’s incredible. Breakthrough Labz receives feedback daily from customers, and the feedback received is phenomenal. Even the slightest increases in one’s testosterone levels can make for noticeable differences in overall well-being, energy, endurance, focus, mental clarity, weight loss, and muscle recovery.

In addition to increased test levels, you can expect a libido and nitric oxide boost, as well as increased protein synthesis, from LIMITS. No matter how you break down Breakthrough LIMITS, its ingredients, and its doses, it is impossible to not be impressed. And NOW, Breakthrough Labz has added the use of Enteric Coated Caps for almost double the absorbability and effectiveness on top of all of that! IMPRESSIVE!!!


Breakthrough LIMITS is designed to:

  • Naturally increase testosterone
  • Reduce estrogen and cortisol
  • Increase lean muscle mass

It contains the market’s most effective test-boosting ingredients at appropriate dosages.

Breakthrough BALANCE

Test, Estrogen, Organ Support, & Prostate Protection: It's ALL in Here!

Breakthrough BALANCE is designed to:

  1. Spike Testosterone & Sex Drive
  2. Lower Estrogen Levels
  3. Increase Endurance & Strength