What's the difference between AREZ God of the Gym and AREZ Black?

What's the difference between AREZ God of the Gym and AREZ Black?

Here's a very common question I've been getting.

The short answer is AREZ (the one in the red & white container) is a very high-stim preworkout with 350mg of caffeine, 125mg of DMHA, 30mg of Dendrobium, 3mg of Alpha Yohimbine, and 10mg of Hordenine HCL. That's a crazy stim and focus blend, not to even mention the 12mg of noopept. It also contains a solid pump blend, as well as 15mg of 'flush'-feeling niacin.

AREZ Black is a much lower stim, super clean and smooth preworkout. With only 105mg of caffeine, 75mg of DMHA, and 25mg of Ephedra Virdis per scoop, this is a great option for those who are caffeine sensitive, late-night gym goers, or for those who want to take a break from high stimulant preworkouts to help reset their adrenals. This preworkout provides great endurance, energy, and focus without the jitters or super hyped-up feeling. Although great for both genders, it's also particularly popular with women.

AREZ God of the Gym also has 30 servings, versus AREZ Black having 40 servings. However, it's more reasonable to take more than a scoop of AREZ Black than it is with AREZ God of the Gym. With AREZ God of the Gym, I definitely recommend starting with no more than one scoop, and only 1/2-3/4 of a scoop if you don't know what your tolerance will be. With AREZ Black, there should be no harm in full-scooping it!

I hope these explanations help you distinguish between them and make a more educated decision on which to try next. They're both great preworkouts; not one is better than the other. But one may be more suitable for your preferences or your current goals. If there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!

Trevor Bower, co-owner, AdvancedSupps.com