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EXTREME PRE-STACK by Fitness Stacks


L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 (8 grams)

L-Citrulline Malate 2:1 improves overall training performance by reducing muscular fatigue during exercise. It also reduces post workout muscle soreness, which may improve recovery in between workouts. With 8 full grams of Citrulline Malate, this is the most you will ever find in any pre-workout out there!

Beta Alanine (4.4 grams)

It raises muscle carnosine levels and increases the amount of work you can perform at high intensities.

CDP Choline (300 mg)

Better Focus and Concentration: CDP-choline can increase the ability to concentrate for longer periods with less distraction, an essential for long strenuous workout. And improves mind and muscle connection.

Methylxanthine Anhydrous(Caffeine) (300 mg)

Have more energy, alertness, and a prolonged time to exhaustion with caffeine! At 375mg/serving, I know all you “stimulant junkies” like I will love this product!


For DMHA, 100-150mg orally seems to be the sweet spot, equivalent to 35-50mg DMAA. With a dosage of 200mg plus all the other stimulants, you’ll likely have a tunnel vision focus that lasts for several hours!

N-phenethyl dimethylamine(Eria Jarensis) (125mg)

Eria Jarensis This is a new PEA-like molecule that has a very nice euphoric effect. It’s no DMAA in terms of strength, but it might just be the next best new thing.

Higenamine HCL (25mg)

Increases energy, better breathing, and greater endurance. Higenamine is also incredibly effective and efficient fat burner, something almost everyone is interested in.

Alpha Yohimbine Rauwolscine (1.5mg)

Rauwolscine Is a powerful alpha-2 adrenoceptor antagonist, which has numerous psychic and autonomic effects on the body. Some of these include inhibition of fear, increased sympathetic outflow, inhibition of monoamine oxidase, and increased lipid mobilization and libido.

BioPerine®(piper nigrum fruit extract) (5mg)

It greatly enhances the absorption and utilization of the nutrients taken with it. This makes it an ideal additions to a pre-workout supplement. It essentially amplifies the benefits of all of the other ingredients. No pre-workout is complete without it!

Huperzine-A (300mcg)

As a bodybuilding supplements huperzine A is used to boost focus during workouts. Huperzine A also significantly increase the amplitude of muscle contraction induced by stimulating nerve.

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Insane Pre Workout
Written by Ahrav Dutta on Jun 12th 2018

I have used some of the most hardcore stim pre workouts, but this has got to take the cake. I'm not sure how to describe it other than just insane focus and energy that lasted for a very long time. This is the real deal, not sure anything can currently compare to this. Well done Fitness Stacks, I am humbled by this product.

New formulation might have taken the throne
Written by Justin on Apr 17th 2018

BOOM! Fitness stacks delivered with their New formulation! 8 grams of Citrulline Malate at its proper 2:1 ratio, oh you will be getting some nice pumps in the gym. At a hefty 4.4grams of Beta Alanine you'll be squeezing out a few more extra reps than you normally do! Say goodbye to that lactic acid build up! 300mg of Caffeine is the sweet spot as its just right and not counterproductive to the "pump" Too much caffeine will constrict your veins. We want vasodilation not vasoconstriction! Theres no need to get into detail with any of its other ingredients as it is listed but one thing I will mention is that that they cheap'd out on their DMHA and used its synthetic version as opposed to its more potent Naturally occurring version (Most likely to save money) its said 200mg of DMHA is compared to roughly 50mg of DMAA. How much truth is in that, I don't know but this thing will wake you up thats for sure! God of rage was my favorite Pre up until I tried this... This rivals God of rage and "might" possibly even dethrone it; Time will tell but until then, Grab a sample and try it out for yourself!

Written by Dan on Mar 13th 2018

Since this has a slightly similar profile to Arez White, and considering that I can't even take a half scoop of Arez without some serious side effects, I asked the guys if I'd be good with taking the whole sample packet they sent me. Brandon assured me I should be fine. I thought maybe I was just super sensitive to alpha yohimbine because at half a scoop, Arez makes me feel like I have a burp in my throat that just won't come out. My nose runs. I'm nauseous. If I take 1/4-1/3 it's great, and the side effects are tolerable. But since Pre-Stack has 1.5mg of alpha yo and that's how much is in half a scoop of Arez, I know it's not that. Simultaneously frustrating and relieving. Anyway...to the product itself. I thought I would be miserable with tingles since there's 1600mg more than the standard dose of beta alanine, but it wasn't bad. The 8000mg of L-Citrulline is what I think makes this a cut above most, along with the stims, but I'll get to those. My pump was insane, and though mentally I could observe when I was starting to struggle to get my bench reps up, my muscles had no idea, so I pushed it up effortlessly. It was a good feeling. Pretty standard doses of the stims here--high caffeine content but the DMHA and Eria J work so well with those it just feels super clean. No jitters whatsoever. Bioperene helps the absorption, huperzine helps the mood and focus. It's just a very effective blend. There's no overwhelmed feeling, but there's still some euphoria. Music sounded great on the way home. Tbh at times I felt like this was DMAA. Really felt no different. This stuff is recommended for both stim junkies and hard gainers alike. Buy Buy Buy!

Written by Awesome product on Mar 6th 2018

Awesome product

Read the label, it's true!!!
Written by Anthony Roberts on Feb 11th 2018

Tried Pre Stack this morning for the first time and this dietary supplement it nothing short of amazing. Pre Stack provided focus and energy that allowed me to reach some personal best during my leg workout and cardio session. If your looking for an extra kick or just need to change your current pre workout this is a must . The label is true!!!

5 stars for prestack
Written by Alan on Jan 23rd 2018

5 stars for prestack +/- pump stack. Left off initial review. Taste was great!!

Prestack preferred above all others
Written by Alan Dahlmann on Jan 23rd 2018

Prestack is hands down the all around best preworkout available. Put together with pumpstack...you have a combo pump/stim/focus/and endurance available that is second to none. Have tried them all over the years...the results are there for the taking/after the work is done . Cannot beat the price or the service when using advanced supps for this preworkout gem or any other supplement need you have.

Good Pre
Written by Marc on Dec 6th 2017

Began using this about a month ago as it replaced "Ultimate". Its a little bit less intense in terms of pump but makes up for it with more caffeine than its predecessor. My current stock is "cotton candy" flavor which is better than average but not the best tasting pre I've ever had. Either way it is a fine replacement and I'll continue to use it.