GOD OF RAGE: Original Formula (Limited Supply: Last Call)

Centurion Labz
Height 4.50
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
RAGE Flavor Required

GOD OF RAGE by Centurion Labz


GOD OF RAGE is a preworkout designed for the consumer seeking the epitome of a high intensity stimulant while still achieving massive pumps and vascularity. We have managed to design a formula incorporating strong stimulants, potent pump agents, while achieving maximum absorption with proven vitamins and minerals. The result is a very hard hitting, explosive preworkout which will allow you to unleash your inner rage on the weights. GOD OF RAGE is not for first time preworkout users and we recommend beginning with 1/2 scoop to assess your tolerance.


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God of Rage
Written by Maxwell Pichardo on Apr 12th 2019

Fucking best pre ever!