GOD OF RAGE: The Original Hardcore Pre-Workout

Centurion Labz
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GOD OF RAGE by Centurion Labz


GOD OF RAGE is a preworkout designed for the consumer seeking the epitomy of a high intensity stimulant while still achieving massive pumps and vascularity. We have managed to design a formula incorporating strong stimulants, potent pump agents, while achieving maximum absorbtion with proven vitamins and minerals. The result is a very hard hitting, explosive preworkout which will allow you to unleash your inner rage on the weights. GOD OF RAGE is not for first time preworkout users and we recommend beginning with 1/2 scoop to assess your tolerance.

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A Must Buy!!!!
Written by Patrick on Aug 25th 2018

Wow!!! This is the real deal. Stacked with Blood Rush, I was at the gym for 3 hrs with no let down. I’m an advanced supp taker....3 scoops on everything else. 1 scoop of God if Rage, 1 of Blood Rush gets you in the zone. Golf clap to Centurion Labz for this product. I will only buy this as a pre from now on!!!!

God Of Rage Pre-Workout
Written by Timothy Stapay on Aug 3rd 2018

Just finished a workout after using God Of Rage for first time! Fantastic energy.!! I was able to increase reps and weight and did not tire out at all! It also had the effect of putting me in a great mood all day! The wrath-berry flavor was great tasting! Fantastic product; highly recommended; reminds me of the Jack'd I used, before they pulled it off the market.

Outstanding Pre Workout
Written by Jonathan Starr on Jul 20th 2018

One of the best pre's i've ever had(just dont tell the FDA please)!! Nothing beats the tunnel vision focus you get from DMAA, and at a perfect dose too. Grape flavor is dull, but good.

Best hardcore pre on market
Written by Tyler on Jun 27th 2018

This is the strongest preworkout left on the market today, period. Energy, focus, endurance, strength...everything is there with rage. You just can't go wrong.

Written by Angel Moreno on Jun 14th 2018

Hardcore pre workout man!!! Been taking pre workout for years and this one you definitely start with half!

Awesome stuff
Written by Jason M Clark on Jun 6th 2018

God of Rage is the real deal. Finally a good pre-work out worth ordering a second time and third time.

God of rage
Written by Brian on May 10th 2018

This by far is the best pre workout I have ever taken. It gets the job done and then some. No crash! No jitters! Just straight up power within 10 min of first swallow! Love it!!

Written by VB on May 7th 2018

great product! highly recommend!

Love It
Written by Anthony on Apr 24th 2018

This is my favorite Pre-Workout on the market. Great energy without the jitters. Advancedsupps.com has always been great getting this to me quickly and always has the best deals.

Stim loaded Pre w/a touch of N.O
Written by Justin on Apr 17th 2018

If you're a stim junkie then this pre-workout is for you! LOADED with 5 powerful stims and supporting energy boosting ingredients. This will definitely have you squeezing out an extra 2-3 reps with an increase in workout intensity. Has a slight touch of N.O (Agmatine) The arginine is laughable at only 3gs; which should have been replaced with L-Citrulline and if you were to take out D-Glucorono-3,6, lactone which does NOTHING at 50mg and replace that with L-Norvaline; this could have been potentially one of the greatest pre-workouts up to date! I have never exceeded "one heaping scoop" Never wanted to and never had to. If you're into those skin splitting, blood engorging muscle pumps, then you'll have to cycle this pre! The pumps are above average at first but as days pass, they seem to dwindle due to the insufficient pump profile it has. The energy on the other hand, this thing will keep you going, even weeks after usage but as with any pre, you do adapt a tolerance to it but it takes much longer with RAGE.

Amazing pre-workout with amazing customer service
Written by Daniel on Apr 15th 2018

I recommend taking half a scoop first, since i took a full one the first time and it hit me way too hard. The second day i took it with half a scoop and i felt amazing. The pump i got was AMAZING for half a scoop of pre-workout, plus the energy was good too. Flavor isn't too bad, some people may say its disgusting but i personally didn't mind it. Also, the customer service was phenomenal, will definitely be ordering from here soon.

Written by David R Woodward on Apr 12th 2018

Great pre workout! This is like a scoop of Woooooo! Intense focus, energy and pump, that every red blooded American gym rat craves. No jitters, good thermogenic qualities, and pump that lasts! Woooooo!

Hard hitting preworkout
Written by Zac on Apr 5th 2018

Arez White is my go to, but after a sample of this stuff, I had to buy it. God of Rage hits hard! You will want to go throw some weights around within 10 min of taking this stuff. The can recommend starting with a scoop, I would suggest half as a whole may be a lot for some.

God of Smooth
Written by Dan on Feb 22nd 2018

This was another sample I received when I ordered Arez White that immediately piqued my interest when I saw 1,3 on the ingredient label. I rated it 5/5 but I'd give this a 4.5/5....I just wanted to rate on the high end and not the low because it's better than a 4. I was curious to see how yohimbine would react with DMAA as I've never had both in a pre before. I was also apprehensive about the underdosed beta alanine. Sometimes I think pres are dosed a certain way for a reason; not to purposely underdose but because they tested their formula with the most effective levels of each ingredient to make the overall feel of the pre the way it is. People worry too much about numbers. If you need more beta alanine per scoop just scoop some more in there yourself. There is a good heap of creatine in this as well, and the synthesis with beta alanine is always effective in getting lean muscle mass going. This stuff is great. Takes quite a while to kick in. My metabolism is fast as hell and I usually feel pres way before my friends, but this didn't kick until around 45 minutes. It's interesting because it's almost like every ingredient kicks in at separate times; like you'll feel the DMAA and caffeine first, but it will feel a bit like a let down because it doesn't kick as hard as other pres. The itch is present from the get go. Then after around 45 minutes the yohimbine, synephrine, etc. kicks and everything just fills out. So smooth. Despite the 300 mg of caffeine there are no jitters here. No bubble gut. Just smooth, long lasting energy and muscle craving. I felt my muscles just wanting that next rep. The taste was very, very similar to Mesomorph Rocket Pop. Like I've said in other reviews, I was used to 1.5 scoops of meso so I can only imagine how the same amount of Rage would feel. I will probably order this to find out. If this wasn't going away i would say this would be the best thing to replace meso over Arez, simply because it feels more similar. And I feel like I can eat! That's the sign of a good pre.

Rage for war
Written by Maxwell Pichardo on Jan 27th 2018

I have taken this pre no stop. I have never had a misfire with it. I take this to the dome. The weights will be murdered. You wanna crush weight? You want to dominate your training? Use this!

God of rage
Written by John Rominger on Dec 15th 2017

Hands down best pre workout ever. Great pump and a great tingle sensation n. Love the ingredients...

God of Rage
Written by Ben on Oct 24th 2017

This is one of the best pre-workouts I've taken. I'd definitely have to put it above mesomorph.