JACKED THE RIPPER: Non-Methylated Cutting Agent

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Shreds Fat & Builds Lean Muscle

Powdered Delivery

1 Scoop Contains (30 scoops per container):

  • 300MG 11-OXO
  • 200MG 7-KETO DHEA
  • COENZYME Q-10 200MG
  • 5AOHP 100MG
  • S4 50MG
  • GW501516 20MG

Medfit Rx brings to you a new and advanced delivery system for ultimate absorbability within the body. Coupled with the strongest MG dosage and ultra-pure, clinical grade raws, brings on incredible results that are second to none! 

Watermelon Flavored

Unique Cutting Matrix


L-Glutamine is ideal for athletes, or anyone engaged in exercise, vegetarians and individuals concerned about overall aging. L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid used in the synthesis of protein which supports muscle production. During strenuous exercise glutamine levels are dramatically decreased which can cause catabolism and fatigue. Research has shown that healthy athletes taking a 2 gram dose of L-Glutamine showed a 440% increase in growth hormone within 90 minutes. Glutamine is critical for many body functions including regulating cellular metabolism and helping maintain healthy body acid balance. Cortisol levels are elevated post strenuous activity and supplementing with L-Glutamine has been shown to reduce cortisol levels.


L-Carnitine and the related compound Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) are compounds able to alleviate the effects of aging and disease on mitochondria, while increasing the mitochondria’s potential to burn fat.

ALCAR is often used as a brain booster, due to its ability to increase alertness and mitochondrial capacity while providing support for the neurons.

ALCAR has been shown to be very effective at alleviating the side effects of aging, like neurological decline and chronic fatigue. ALCAR supplementation is also a very safe method of improving insulin sensitivity and blood vessel health, particularly for people with delicate or weakened cardiac health. ALCAR can also protect neurons and repair certain damage, such as that caused by diabetes and diabetic neuropathy.

Fat loss is typically attributed to the increased activity done by people, from the increased energy they have from ALCAR supplementation. (Source: Examine.com)


Adrenosterone (11-Oxo) will provide the incredible benefits of increased fat loss and muscle hardening.

Adrenosterone is an adrenal corticoid with impressive endocrine activity. Vida indicates an anabolic potency which is 70% that of Testosterone, but with less than half the androgenicity. Sounds great so far. But what we didn't know at first was how good a fat-burner it would prove to be. During beta testing with volunteers, some were reporting extreme weight loss. There was concern because this is supposed to be an anabolic gainer, and some of our heavier testers were losing weight in the double digits! As it turns out, these were the testers who already had some fat to lose, but their strength was soaring as the fat melted away and they all reported feeling great. Libido enhancement is also sometimes reported.


Epiandrosterone converts to DHT in the body.  DHT is our male sex hormone, so it will cause an increase in strength, and it will help maintain muscle mass.  What's more, DHT helps inhibit estrogen conversion in the body, so it will help dry out the user and give the impression of a loss of body fat, since water is shed from within cells.  Another secret is its ability to bind to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), leading to a greater ratio of free testosterone to total testosterone.  In the end of the day, it is this 'free testosterone' that really matters, not the total testosterone. (Source: Evolutionary.org)

7-Keto DHEA

People take 7-keto-DHEA to speed up the metabolism and heat production to promote weight loss. 7-keto-DHEA is also used to improve lean body mass and build muscle, increase the activity of the thyroid gland, boost the immune system, enhance memory, and slow aging. (Source: WebMD.com)

7-Keto DHEA is a metabolite of DHEA that is nonhormonal, and it appears to be a fat loss agent as it may increase the metabolic rate. Studies using 7-keto supplementation tend to note an increased metabolic rate later on during a caloric restriction period (which is secondary to reducing the rate of metabolic rate decline associated with dieting, and becoming a relative increase). (Examine.com)


Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) is a molecule produced in the body. It aids mitochondria during energy production. It is similar to other pseudovitamin compounds because it is vital for survival, but does not necessarily need to be supplemented.

Several diseases are associated with low COQ10 levels, including fibromyalgia and the aftermath of a heart attack, known as post-myocardial infarction. Depression, Prader-Willi syndrome, male infertility, Peyronie’s disease, migraines, and Parkinson’s also cause a COQ10 deficiency. Supplementation of COQ10 is recommended to anyone with the listed diseases, but particularly for heart attack victims and people suffering from fibromyalgia.

COQ10 can also enhance blood flow and protect the blood vessels. This mechanism is related to nitric oxide preservation, as seen with grape seed extract, pycnogenol, and resveratrol. COQ10 can reduce the damage oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) can do to blood vessels, as well as reduce plaque buildup in the arteries. (Source: Examine.com)


5aOHP (chemical name: 17beta-{1-Ketoethyl}-androstane-3-one, 17a-ol) is an anabolic progestin that converts to stanolone, which is better known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. This causes 5aOHP to act like Winstrol because it helps achieve a lean look and adds mass without aggression. However, there is one major difference between winstrol and 5aOHP – the latter one will not cause any hair loss that is commonly associated with the use of winstrol.

A good dosage would be 100-200 milligrams (mg) per day split into two separate doses. Unlike the case of many other prohormones, a very mild PCT after a cycle of 5aOHP should be enough. Typically a strong natural testosterone booster will do the job. (Source: Evolutionary.org)


As S4 has both anabolic and androgenic effects in muscle tissue, it will not only help with fat loss, but maintain and even increase muscle mass when cutting. S-4 causes increases in vascularity and promote a very nice, “quality”, hard look to the users muscles, with little or no water retention. When run at the 50mg+ doses, many users report vision disturbances. Now these are only present when using S-4 and quickly disappear when S-4 use is discontinued. The side effects are caused by the M1 metabolite and include night-time blindness and a slight yellowish tint to the vision for some users. Although these side effects are temporary, if they are still a concern, as suggested earlier, a 5 on 2 off protocol where S-4 is used for 5 days followed by a 2 day break (then this cycle is repeated) would be the suggested dosing method. (Source: Evolutionary.org)


The first and most common use is that of increased endurance. The second common usage with GW (aka Cardarine) is that of fat loss. Many users turn to GW as it has shown to melt off fat while still being non-catabolic. You will find that you can still hold on to some muscle as you are losing fat. (Source: Evolutionary.org)


Dissolve 1 heaping scoop in 6oz of water or juice and shake. This product can be taken with or without food. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED SERVING.

Liver Support Option:

It is not methylated but you can take a good On-Cycle support while taking JACKED THE RIPPER, if you choose, such as Breakthrough DEFENSE.

Add-On Options:

Breakthrough DEFENSE: http://www.advancedsupps.com/breakthrough-defense-comprehensive-organ-health/

Centurion Labz TUDCA: http://www.advancedsupps.com/elite-liver-support-tudca-eliminates-liver-metabolites/

Anti-Estrogen Option:

If you are prone to estrogen elevation, you can take an Anti-Estrogen product, if you choose, with JACKED THE RIPPER, such as E-LIMINATE.

Add-On Options:

Centurion Labz E-LIMINATE: http://www.advancedsupps.com/e-liminate-anti-estrogen/

Platinum Nutra AntiEstrol: http://www.advancedsupps.com/antiestrol-anti-estrogen-suspension/

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Recommended for 2 Month Cycles:

We strongly recommend following 2 months of JACKED THE RIPPER with a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT), such as Breakthrough BALANCE.

Add-On Options:

Breakthrough BALANCE: http://www.advancedsupps.com/breakthrough-balance-vital-hormone-rebalance-new-90-capsule-formula/

Platinum Nutra AntiEstrol: http://www.advancedsupps.com/antiestrol-anti-estrogen-suspension/

Natural Test Booster Optional but Recommended with PCT:

We recommend using a natural test booster, such as Breakthrough LIMITS, alongside Breakthrough BALANCE during your PCT to help with naturally rebounding test levels.

Add-On Option:

Breakthrough LIMITS: http://www.advancedsupps.com/breakthrough-limits-legitimate-test-booster/

Suggested Precautions for a Safe and Effective SARM and Non-Methylated Prohormone Cycle:

  • Recommended for healthy adults at least 21 years of age
  • Do not drink alcohol, and drink plenty of water daily
  • Joint support products are recommended if any joint discomfort occurs (typically caused by increasing weight and personal records (PRs))
  • For those with higher than average blood pressure, monitor blood pressure
  • Strictly follow recommended doses and cycle length
  • Nutrition and training are very important to get the best results possible (e.g., if bulking, drastically increase quality calorie intake to put on as much mass as possible)
  • Liver support is recommended (e.g., Breakthrough DEFENSE)
  • PCT (e.g., Breakthrough BALANCE) is recommended to restore natural testosterone levels and prevent estrogen side effects
  • A natural test booster alongside PCT (e.g., Breakthrough LIMITS) will additionally help with rebounding natural test levels post-cycle
  • Continue a good training routine and diet afterwards to keep your results and continue making personal progress

An Honest Perspective on SARMs and Prohormones

These products are Sports Supplements; developed originally by pharmaceutical companies and abandoned in the early stages as better alternatives arose for their intended use. Subsequently, they lack extensive research to substantiate any claims when used in humans. They have not been reviewed by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. Much of what is known to be generally accepted knowledge surrounding these sports supplements comes from the limited clinical studies and the experience of individuals who have tried them.

The reality is, these aren't products that should be taken lightly. However, many individuals report experiencing little or no side effect by taking the right precautions. There is plenty of negative information online regarding SARMs and prohormones, but after reviewing the source, the products referenced, and the precautions taken, I have found the information tends to be quite biased, intentionally distorted, or just plain untrue.

Would we sell these products if we did not believe they were safe? NO!

A quality product that actually meets the Supplement Facts on the label, taken at a correct dose, and for the right length of time, can benefit you greatly. For a company that only sells U.S. produced SARMs and prohormones with excellent quality, and provides customers honest information, feedback, instructions, and recommendations for each product, we've literally seen thousands of customers take quality SARM and prohormone products with no issues at all. A few customers have reported joint pain or lethargy from certain prohormone compounds, such as DMZ and hexadrone, but we found that to be pretty rare.

It's our priority to properly educate our customers BEFORE a cycle

Most SARM and prohormone cycles go wonderfully for our customers. They feel great and receive excellent results, increasing their strength, physical appearance, motivation, endurance, and self-confidence. I've even seen a lot of customers' bodies transform in as few as 30 days from such products. The rewards can greatly exceed the risks if you are willing to put in the proper time and effort into an appropriate diet and exercise routine, as well as take the right precautions to protect your health. If you're not able to do what's necessary to make the cycle as safe and effective as possible, then don't take it; or wait until you can.

About MedFit RX

Medfit Rx provides a full range of pharmaceutical grade hormone based supplements. Medfit Rx is developed by Dr. Brian Parks and only uses the purest pharma grade raw materials, so you know you are getting the best and purest prohormones in the industry. Sublingual delivery has been shown to be 40% more bioavailable than other pathways.

MedFit RX is also insured to make and sell their products. Plus, a recent independent study found them to be the only one of 44 manufacturers to have their SARMs and prohormones meet label claims and be within the 10% allowable variance. The study showed about half -- 23 products -- contained SARMs. An additional 17 products (39%) contained one or another unapproved drug, such as growth hormones or steroids, that have been banned by the anti-doping agency.

Meanwhile, only 18 of the 44 had an active compound that matched what was listed on the label, and a quarter of the products had detectable amounts of the listed compound at a different amount than stated on the label. In eight products, label ingredients remained undetectable.

Sourced from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/28/health/sarms-unapproved-drugs-study/index.html


MedFit RX Pharmaceuticals does not represent its products as Nutritional Supplements and you as our customer acknowledge this when purchasing these products. You also acknowledge that when purchasing MedFit products that you are at least 18 years of age. The manufacturer does not make any claims as to results.


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