KONG: 5 SARMs in 1

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KONG by MedFit RX

5 SARMs in 1 Product

1 Tablet Contains:

  • MK-2866 25 mg
  • GW501516 20mg
  • MK677 15mg
  • LGD4033 10mg
  • RAD140 6mg


  • Recommended for healthy adults at least 21 years of age
  • Do not drink alcohol, and drink plenty of water daily
  • Joint support products are recommended if any joint discomfort occurs (typically caused by increasing weight and personal records (PRs))
  • For those with higher than average blood pressure, monitor blood pressure
  • Strictly follow recommended doses and cycle length
  • Nutrition and training are very important
  • Liver support is recommended (e.g., Breakthrough DEFENSE)
  • Anti-Estrogen support is optional, but recommended for those prone to estrogen elevation issues (e.g., Centurion Labz E-LIMINATE)
  • PCT (e.g., Breakthrough BALANCE) is recommended to restore natural testosterone levels and prevent estrogen side effects
  • A natural test booster alongside PCT (e.g., Breakthrough LIMITS) will additionally help with rebounding natural test levels post-cycle
  • Continue a good training routine and diet afterwards to keep your results and continue making personal progress

About MedFit RX

Medfit Rx provides a full range of pharmaceutical grade hormone based supplements. Medfit Rx is developed by Dr. Brian Parks and only uses the purest pharma grade raw materials, so you know you are getting the best and purest prohormones in the industry. Sublingual delivery has been shown to be 40% more bioavailable than other pathways.

MedFit RX is also insured to make and sell their products. Plus, a recent independent study found them to be the only one of 44 manufacturers to have their SARMs and prohormones meet label claims and be within the 10% allowable variance. The study showed about half -- 23 products -- contained SARMs. An additional 17 products (39%) contained one or another unapproved drug, such as growth hormones or steroids, that have been banned by the anti-doping agency.

Meanwhile, only 18 of the 44 had an active compound that matched what was listed on the label, and a quarter of the products had detectable amounts of the listed compound at a different amount than stated on the label. In eight products, label ingredients remained undetectable.

Sourced from CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/28/health/sarms-unapproved-drugs-study/index.html


MedFit RX Pharmaceuticals does not represent its products as Nutritional Supplements and you as our customer acknowledge this when purchasing these products. You also acknowledge that when purchasing MedFit products that you are at least 18 years of age. The manufacturer does not make any claims as to results.


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Product Reviews

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Written by Ronnie on Mar 30th 2019

It's great, I loved it!

The real deal
Written by Christian on Jan 23rd 2019

Ran 2 months of this stack together with training hard and eating decent (not optimal) and had noticeable differences in strength an asthetics. It’s one of my favorites by far. Best part, almost all gains have been kept which is another reason SARMS are great. Anyone looking to break plateaus, gain strength, and dial in their physique can rest easy knowing this will do the trick. Medfit RX products are no joke, it’s quality you can count on.

Written by Gary on Dec 4th 2018

Stuff works. Strength is up, appetite is through the roof, definitely seeing results. The only down side is the side effects I'm having. Moderate lethargy, wanting to rip someone's head off over the slightest thing, but the worst for me is the joint pain and muscle cramping. Not a product for newbies.

works brilliantly
Written by Raf on Oct 22nd 2018

I went through a 2-month cycle using 2 bottles of Kong and kept strict exercise and diet routine and the effects were great (this was followed by a PCT for a month). Gained around 2 kg of muscles. Previously, it took me nearly 1,5 years to get that. Among other parts, especially my arms and biceps really did grow. The only downside was that I was very thirsty for the first 2 weeks and was constantly hungry like a wolf for most of the time. My muscles did not disappear after the cycle, but I keep very strict exercises and diet. Generally, I am very satisfied with Kong and I plan to do another cycle in around 6-8 months.

Kong sarms
Written by Toni on Sep 2nd 2018

Honestly i expected more from this product. I didnt see any gains or weight loss

Written by Jason on Aug 7th 2018

Stuff really works. My first time using a SARM and was not disappointed. The guys at Advanced supp are great and very customer oriented.

Great product! Great Service!
Written by William V on May 15th 2018

Ordered this product and received instant order information from the company, they are extremely customer friendly and fast. This SARM combination is great you can feel the difference with the first dose and will feel the strength gains. Will definitely order again!!

Kong review
Written by John Egerbrecht on May 8th 2018

Great product. Started seeing gains 2 weeks in. Strength up in every lift. This company is legit!!

Advanced Supps Inventory
Written by Demien A on Apr 24th 2018

Intro: I want to start by saying the communication and education I received on the products at Advanced Supps from Brandon and Trevor was second to none. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire sales and follow up process. Summary: This stuff is legit. I was apprehensive to purchase this product as I had no previous history with S.A.R.M supplementation. After asking Trevor and Brandon all of the ‘green pea” questions, all fears were soon laid to rest once I received the product and went through the education pamphlet sent with my purchase. Conclusion: This has been one of the most powerful supplements I have ever taken. This is the real deal and Advanced Supps most certainly delivered on their promise. I would definitely purchase again, and It will be from Advanced Supps ! Demien A.

Written by warwick on Apr 23rd 2018

I order (and take) tons of different supplements...I DON'T re-order many of them...Kong is the exception... I love the results.

Written by Nicholas Standford on Apr 13th 2018

Recently got back in a consistent gym routine and figured it would be good to kick start my system. I have several brothers that have used various SARM products and they have seen great results so KONG was an easy decision. I've been using the product for almost 4 weeks now and have seen some dramatic results. My waist has thinned, my 38 jeans no longer fit, my conditioning has improved and my muscle density and increased. I do Crossfit so the gains I have seen are different from my brothers whom have used SARMs with isolation workouts but that doesn't diminish my perspective on the overall success of the gains. QUICK NEGATIVES: my joint pain has increased, primarily in my shoulders and lower back. I have always had joint issues so this was excepted to some degree but my brothers have also noticed this and they don't have joint issues. Although I view this as a standard and rather minimal draw back to the SARMs it is still some thing one should seriously take into consideration based on prior injury and current joint issues. FINAL THOUGHTS: I do not have a different SARM product to compare these results to so in terms of KONG vs. "place SARM product name here" this is not a review for you. However, I am very pleased with improvements ive made in the gym in this short time as well as the overall quality of life I am experiencing. I have a clear head and am finding mornings to be much easier, I have additional energy and motivation throughout the day and I can see the physical changes already, not to mention I have received several compliments from people that have no clue of my supplement use. Keep a good diet and steady gym routine and you will see the results you are hoping for with this product!

I think it worked really well for me
Written by Mark G on Mar 27th 2018

I can only speak from experience. I don't believe in short cuts, I truly believe that being patient is probably the best for anyone. I am going to leave an honest review because it's probably the least I can do. I am in my mid 40s, and I was hitting a plateau for months. I tried eating more but I just got fatter, without lifting heavier. I thought I would try SARMS after doing as much research available to me online. KONG seemed to have a nice mix of everything that is said to be really good. I didn’t expect much from these tiny sugar flavored white pills, but from the first day, I felt very different. * I woke up very thirsty, mouth/throat was dry, and after reading about what some other folks experienced with SARMS on the Internet, I just kept drinking water, and it went away after five days. * I noticed I was generally sleeping really deep, vivid dreams (still). * I was also able to eat more without hunger or bad sugar cravings. When I started, my numbers looked something like 205# bench, 315# squat, 365# deadlift (885# total). I haven’t finished my last week on KONG but I am at 225#x3 bench, 405# squat, 425# deadlift (>1055# total). My workout volume has been increasing as well, without needing all that rest I used to take between workout sets. I am getting it done from a two hour session to a 45 minute session, with the same DOMS I would get after really great workouts. Recovery is really fast, I can work the same muscle group easily within 2 days, before I wouldn’t consider it. I even thought I injured my lower back last week doing squats without locking my core , but I recovered in 2 days. Energy levels have maintained as good as I can expect. I am also using one scoop of Centurion Labz God of Rage (from Advanced Supps and came in a week before KONG). This is for pre-workout, and I chug it down 30 minutes before starting to lift heavy, and that seemed to really help with the focus issues I have. I can’t promise this will all work for everyone, but I can definitely say it worked well for me. I look forward to see if my next lifts will beat out my old self. For the cost of a 30 day supply, it was certainly worth it. I may give KING a try on my next cycle. For my PCT, I will probably just clean out my liver for a couple of weeks and I may get back on the SARMS. Good luck lifting my friends...and may you get swole! TLDR: Pros: * Strength increased about 20% for me while under this, 1RMs exceeded pretty much each week I touch weights. * Sleep has improved Cons: * It was a bit scary at first getting really thirsty/parched after the first few nights, but I kept drinking water, and it went away after about 5 days. * This could be based on broscience and mice, but you know, everyone is different, just too many variables.

Written by Marc on Mar 14th 2018

I only took for 4 weeks but really enjoyed the results that I saw in such a short time. By the middle of week 2 I was noticing added strength in the gym and I looked and felt leaner but more full (if that makes sense). I put on about 5 pounds which is a miracle considering its rare a product helps med add clean weight. If there is a drawback it would be that it seemed to make me very hungry all day. That's not a huge deal until you get past that 2 hour window and hungry turns to hangry. Would definitely recommend this product.

King of kings
Written by Giovanny A Castano on Feb 20th 2018

King is a great supplement for when you've reached your genetic limit and no matter what you do the scale remains the same. King is sure to help you break through those plateaus and reach new heights.

Written by JASON LATHAM on Jan 30th 2018

Great results with this product.. just getting back in the gym after a 6 month lay off. Help dropped a significant amount of body fat as well as a boost in strength. Also made the muscle bellies feel full and pumped.. works great as a recomp agent. Only thing was i felt hungry all the time while trying to diet.. it seemed to increase was my appetite. Overall great product fast significant results..