Helpful tips regarding delayed and missing USPS packages

Helpful tips regarding delayed and missing USPS packages

Hi everyone. If you’re reading this, you might be wondering where your package is. I’m sorry if you haven’t received it right on time.

We do our best to ship out every order as quickly as possible and to provide a tracking number to all customers. We are careful to be as accurate as possible with orders and addresses. We ship all U.S. orders USPS Priority Mail (unless selected otherwise) which typically take 2-3 business days to arrive to you.

We do not have access to additional information or the ability to do anything outside of advising customers on these tips here. Once the package leaves our hands, we have no control of the package, unfortunately, and we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. And so, we're offering the best help and support as possible with these tips here.

Most likely, you will receive 3 emails from us once your order has shipped:

1. From, providing your tracking number and the exact address we used on your shipping label

2. From saying that your order has shipped, along with the tracking number

3. From a staff member here at, personally following up with your tracking number

Please check your tracking number first if you’re waiting for your package to arrive.

Secondly, if it has not arrived yet, it may be slightly delayed in a USPS route. We are unable to do anything ourselves once the package leaves our store. Most likely, you will just have to be patient and wait for tracking updates.

“Undeliverable” Packages

If there is an update that says “Undeliverable” or something similar, then the best thing to do is check the email to ensure that the address on your shipment is correct, and then to check at your local post office for an update. If any packages were to ship back to us, we would contact you immediately to let you know and figure out why it shipped back.

“Delivered” Packages

If your tracking says “Delivered” but you do not see it, check with anyone else in your household, check with your neighbors, and check with the local post office. The local post office should be able to see exactly where the package was dropped off and to question the driver if needed. Again, once the package leaves our store, it is completely out of our hands and we have no way to help track down a package further, other than to provide these tips.

To file a claim for a missing package, follow this link --

Delays / No Tracking Updates

Sometimes packages are delayed because of mistakes on the side of USPS (e.g., the package was placed on the wrong truck and misrouted) or because of high volume (e.g., holiday seasons). The only thing you can really do is be patient, and to check with the local post office. If the package arrived back at our location, we will immediately contact you to let you know.

Visit Your Local USPS Post Office

Also, calling the nationwide phone number for USPS usually does not help, as most representatives will only provide you the same information as provided by the tracking number. Visiting your local post office is typically your best bet for help and information.

International Orders

If you’re having a package shipped to outside the United States, your package may take a few weeks to arrive, depending on many factors, such as distance and Customs. Your tracking number may not provide much information once the package leaves the country. Patience is key. Lost packages in Customs is a risk that the customer must burden, as laws and regulations vary from country to country. We cannot reship lost or stolen packages.

Thank you for reading. Hopefully this information is helpful. We wish we could be of more help, but unfortunately we have no control or information of the package once it ships. We hope you track down that package and it find it soon or it arrives soon!

Dec 1st 2018 Trevor Bower, owner,

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